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Christmas Territory.

In spite of my end of year rush to goal completion, I have been in the holiday mood this season, much more so than in years past. The tree glowing gently in the corner has been up for more than a month, stockings are hung by the chimney with care as they say, more classic holiday flicks than I care to admit to have aired in this house in the last month, as always I’ve gotten carried away with the gift giving, and I doubled my grocery budget this week buying all manner of “useful in only one dish” sort of ingredients so as to try out a few new recipes I’m ridiculously excited about. (A new cheesecake recipe featuring cranberries? Don’t mind if I do.) One more sappy Christmas tune and I might o.d. on nostalgia. Seriously, the Rat Pack is getting down to the beat of sleigh bells as I pen this.




So before that nostalgia takes me under, I thought I might share some shots from one of the coolest Christmas events we’ve ever attended. In Guthrie, throughout December annually, they celebrate by putting on their Territorial Christmas, an event for shop keepers and artisans to gather in period (mostly) clothing and put on a show of the yuletide yesteryear. In one window a banjo players club performed a selection of Christmas classics, while in front of another storefront a church choir sang traditional carols. In the windows of galleries artists turned the visual arts into performance, in an antique store window a woman spun wool into yarn, and in bakery windows bakers made gingerbread houses and other classic sugary treats with samples at the ready. Up and down each block and inside each shop to ask questions and generally patronize, we may have met half the proprietors in Guthrie just from our collective curiosity, especially E who got to try everything hands on and have a little bite of every food sample. Her dance to the banjo players’ rendition of Santa Baby was extra adorable. In fact, nostalgia aside, it was some of the most fun I can remember ever having during the holidays.



If you have the opportunity to attend such a Christmas event one year, I strongly recommend it, especially if you find yourself knee deep in a nostalgia and pining for tradition. Until then here’s wishing you safe travels, a magical Christmas Eve and a very merry Christmas.

For more information on Guthrie’s Territorial Christmas, read here.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Territory.

  1. Sounds perfectly lovely.
    And that photo … the one where you can see the tree through those fantastic windows? wonderful!!
    (I too have been listening to all kinds of nostalgic music).
    Merry Christmas and blessings to you in the new year!

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