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A new year.

I read once about an ancient belief that we don’t look forward to the future but rather walk backwards into it, always looking into the past. That has been a sort of theme this year as I’ve been doing some fairly heavy demon shedding and yet, for all that looking backward, so much has changed this year propelling us rapidly into a bright new year. With all that shifting and changing my mind works doubly to untie the knots of daily monkey mind and quotidian dramas, and so mostly lately I paint a lot and meditate more and continue the daily race toward the ambitious new.

ny2postThroughout 2014 came great seismic shifts in my perspective, the seeing to fruition goals many years in age, much needed closing of doors and opening of windows that comes along with those goals met, the final end to the remaining aimless mediocre garbage that only briefly suited in life, the laying of foundations for even more advancements,  and even a wedding. Unfortunately the sort of changes undergone this year aren’t easily explained to others; they are mostly the sort you have to live for yourself. Mostly that is with at least one exception: I can report that if you get married you should be sure to order too large of a cake because leftover wedding cake is amazing with morning coffee. Fact.

I suppose I could wax philosophical about the near and far past, throw out a myriad of resolutions, or reminisce with a light contrast of dreamy prophesizing about next year, but with my mind wide open to the bombardment of opportunities currently in flux and my physical life weighed under the tasks required for growth, simplicity for this entry has more appeal. That in mind, I would rather just share a handful of my favorites from the last year that may inspire your travels next year and wish you all a very happy new year. See you in 2015.

The first ride of 2014:
guthrie30postThe Museum of Osteology:


The Oklahoma City National Memorial:


The Gloss Mountains:


Collings Castle:


Holy City of the Wichitas:


The Drive In Series:




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6 thoughts on “A new year.

  1. I have always marveled at how differently change comes to people. I’ve seen tornado like change that erases everything in a few seconds. Then there’s the simple word that causes a chain reaction ending in an atomic explosion. I wonder what it would be like to have known a year ago what I know now?

    • Isn’t it amazing the difference a year can make as they say and the difference between each year? How some change it all and others quietly lay groundwork? If I’d known last December what I know now, I’d have raced ass over tea kettle for the end, which maybe is the point of not knowing? Hope your next year is full of the changes you want. 🙂

  2. The survivor tree! My most favorite tree ever, what a great photo…

  3. Okay now I have to go do some research on the Collings Castle! How cool!
    and that photo of the tree at the memorial is simply stirring. Thank you for linking back to the original post. your photography revealed things about the memorial that I did not know.

    • The castle was super cool. I didn’t know anything about it when we went which made for more of an adventure, but when I was researching for the post I found an article from the Oklahoman that gave the whole history. I’ll see if I saved the link and send it to you. And if you ever make it to the memorial, make sure you have time to go through the whole place. I didn’t post pictures from inside the museum because I’ve never taken any; it’s full of personal effects from the bombing site and photographing them strikes me as very disrespectful, but it is very tastefully and thought provokingly displayed. One of the finest memorials I’ve ever visited.

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