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The City.

I can be described as a logophile. In elementary and secondary school, do you remember being given daily vocabulary? Usually completely random words, only a few of which might permanently stick in the pupils’ minds? I loved that. I love learning new words, to such an extent that I have learned to varying degrees multiple languages foreign to myself over the years and to this day look at Merriam-Webster’s word of the day so as to continue expanding my vocabulary in such a way that my ability to describe what my mind’s eye sees isn’t always next to impossible. More often than not, it remains impossible.

I sat down originally to write a post about moving. And the words failed me. Or I failed the words. I cannot seem to find just the right way to describe the feelings washing over me with this move. At best, I can recount the many times in my life I was given the slightest glimpse of the stairs of progress as I climbed, only a handful of times were those memories bold and vivid and the change gloriously detailed. At worst, I can recount every detail of the times I spent crashing, ass over tea kettle, back down a flight or two of those same stairs, nursing the bruises and broken bones, and starting the climb again, sometimes stubbornly, other times excitedly. I believe that is how this mortal coil functions. Some may only ever take a single step in life, others devour flight after flight.

To continue with a mildly cheesy metaphor, when Josh and I met we started a new ascent, both individually and as a union. At times our progress has been slow, others we’ve been shoved harshly along, always helping and supporting each other along the way, always shedding off the useless old baggage and habits, growing into more genuine versions of our selves, achieving and moving forward. For the most part, I’ve only seen our progress when I step back and see the sum total, but this move is so symbolic of our changes and such a culmination of all our hard work, that it seems a light has been lit and I can actually see the precipice of growth. So, what is the word for that?


The above photos are from one of our first trips around town after moving, a night in the Paseo District for an art opening in which one of my photos was displayed. For more info on the Paseo District, visit here.

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