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A Filling Station.

“How do you get Steve McQueen to come in eighth?”

“Break his foot.”post6631

It became the joke of the day after we left this amazing little two wheeled history outpost, The Seaba Motorcycle Museum. On Any Sunday was playing on a loop, racing and antique bikes were all around, and I was in heaven. Over the years we’ve discussed stopping there every time we passed, and having finally done so we burned up two hours just wandering around the two room museum, reading every placard and studying each bike.


The museum which sits on a curve of Route 66 in Warwick Oklahoma was originally a gas station and garage built in the 20s. It was beautifully restored in the ’90s and later opened as a motorcycle museum by Gerald Tims and Jerry Ries featuring their personal bike collections and those donated or made available for show by other collectors. Detailed information is available on their website, or if you stop in one of the two is likely there to chat. The deco style building itself is gorgeous enough to stop for a closer look, but the exhibit inside is a jewel of a find.


What is that, you ask?


Why yes, yes it is a 1979 Triumph Bonneville still in the factory plastic and crate. It took a solid few minutes before I could pick my jaw up from the floor.


As a side note, they operate on donations and sales from their antique store, so do plan to make a purchase to keep this amazing spot in operation, or if you have no room on your bike for antiques and souvenirs, have some spare cash handy to throw in the kitty.

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One thought on “A Filling Station.

  1. robert87004 on said:

    Route 66 just is, and we who have traveled it as much as we could understand the feeling, the rest….well, I don’t know what you could say to them so they might understand that magic route

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