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Mother of the Mother Road.

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As you travel along I-40 to the west of Oklahoma City, look north when you come upon the town of Hydro. Parallel to the interstate run the remains of Route 66 and if you are looking for it, you will notice an empty gas station, now quiet beside the old highway.  That white antiquated building is Lucille’s, once a hub on 66 and home to the motorist friendly woman known as the Mother of the Mother Road, Lucille Hamons. Originally built in 1929, with the small group of guest units  beside it added separately in the thirties, Lucille and her husband Carl purchased the gas station in 1941 and she continued to operate it for another 59 years.  After her passing, the land was purchased, but the gas station, a landmark on the national historic register, was left intact. Although the inside is empty, the exterior is up kept for passersby to appreciate and in front of the store sits a picnic table, ideal if you are passing on a beautiful day as we were and want to stop for a picnic lunch. While I typically distain the impractical surface only upkeep of otherwise still useful structures, it is a pleasure knowing that the gas station is still respected for what it was and is, as it is now one of only two still standing examples of the out thrust porch live-over-style gas stations remaining on Route 66.


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2 thoughts on “Mother of the Mother Road.

  1. Scott Sewell on said:

    Thanks for pointing out another one of Oklahomas many amazing and interesting faces…

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