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In the jailhouse.

Of particular interest to history  and old west buffs, along the western half of Oklahoma’s Route 66 trek three frontier jails from the late territorial days still stand. As I am working in reverse from Shamrock Texas back to Oklahoma City up 66 with this latest series of entries, this is the first of those three jails encountered en route west to east. It has stood in Texola Oklahoma since the town’s first years, although available information about its history is limited and sources conflict regarding the actual date it was built, most stating either 1908 or 1910. Two further entries this week will provide information on the remainder and history of Texola itself, but this particular jail has been well maintained enough to deserve its own entry. To visit the jailhouse, turn north on Main from Old 66  and you will see the small structure on your right about a block up.

TexolaJH2post    TexolaJH3post


TexolaJH5post    TexolaJH6post

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6 thoughts on “In the jailhouse.

  1. There is one about that size in Covington, OK.

    • It is incredible that they are still standing, but I love history so I think that kind of preservation is wonderful. I will definitely check out the Covington one. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Your photographs (excellent, I especially like #3 and #5) reveal what it must have been like to have been jailed there. So Small! Thankfully there is a window!

  3. What a dismal place. Seems it would truly be a deterrent! Great captures.

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