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Ramblin’: Abandoned Gas Station & Bus Depot, Route 66.

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12 thoughts on “Ramblin’: Abandoned Gas Station & Bus Depot, Route 66.

  1. Experimental Ghost on said:

    Love your photography.

  2. Every time I see an old gas station, I am a saddened. There was so much more character, history, and interest than in what we have today. That first shot is excellent.

  3. Well ,,, let me clarify: all the shots are great, the first one just really appeals to me.

  4. Chris Kaan on said:

    Beautiful collection..one thing that viewers of these photos do not sense is the smell of these type of places. The rusting steel..old wood..wet walls. But the lost and forgotten is there. Good Job!!!!

  5. Great photos in B&W!

  6. Great series of abandoned. I adore KOA campgrounds. Used many of them over the years, but not the one that is attached to that sign. 🙂

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