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Ramblin’: Abandoned Territorial Bank.




merba7post copy





For more information on the ghost town of Meridian OK and our ride, click here. Additional photos here.

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6 thoughts on “Ramblin’: Abandoned Territorial Bank.

  1. Great photos! I’d love to go there and shoot!

    • Thank you, you should. The people there are very nice and apparently there were more old building fronts just a couple years ago but they’ve already fallen down, so the more people respectfully shooting these disappearing places, the better before they are gone forever.

  2. Oh my, oh my! These photos are beautiful! Is that an old ceiling tin (7th one)?
    Sad, too, though …

    • Thank you sweets. That is ceiling tin and a piece of the tin molding from the walls. If you look at the main photo and the three beneath the one you asked about you can see parts of the tin molding still attached and in some of the color photos you can make out where a mural was once painted.

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