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Ramblin’: Abandoned Railroad Depot, Elk City OK.

When we traveled through Elk City on one of our 66 runs, I wanted to see the historic Rock Island rail depot there which I knew had been abandoned but hoped had perhaps been converted into something else. It has not. Worse, it has been repeatedly vandalized over the years and is now boarded up, hiding many of the small details of historic value. Perhaps it will eventually be converted into something useful again while maintaining its original features, as it is after all an absolutely lovely piece of Oklahoma’s history.

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2 thoughts on “Ramblin’: Abandoned Railroad Depot, Elk City OK.

  1. Hopefully someday, someone will love it and restore it. I watched the Harvey House (a train depot) in Barstow, CA on Route 66 goes from a dark and debilitating building to full of vibrant life due to the City Chamber of Commerce taking it over.

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