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When I was a little girl, I knew where I wanted to retire. I’m fairly certain I had no idea what retirement actually meant, but I did think it was where you got to live when you were an adult, and I knew where that was: Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was, and is, gorgeous. A unique collection of Victorian houses and buildings all built into the bluff sides and mountain terrain. For a little girl, the town was like a collection of life size dollhouses, each distinctive and gorgeous in its own right. Today, its a favorite getaway, a gorgeous ride, and at the very least an annual travel locale.


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The town is quite literally built into the mountain terrain, so many of the buildings have street level entrances on multiple floors, there are no ninety degree angle intersections because the streets run with the hillsides, and there are long staircases intermittently throughout town for pedestrians, thus its nickname The Stairstep Town.

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5 thoughts on “Eureka!

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  3. This place is very odd..but then it could be the way you have photographed it..such a unique eye you have..a big fan here..

    • Thank you so much. It is a bit esoterically historic with a personality all its own in the same vein as places like New Orleans or Savannah; just one of those oddity Southern towns in a time capsule fueled by a strong art crowd. You should check it out if you ever get out that way. 🙂

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