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Ramblin’: Talimena Scenic Bypass

I believe deeply in ramblin’. Much like piddlin’, a whole other dying art, ramblin’ is not pointless, albeit it tends to be without aim.



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These sunset shots were somewhat ill planned, as although it was fun at the time and the ride back through the pitch blackness was meditative and pleasant, right around forty miles from home, the temperature plummeted for the night, just as we came through the lake area. A thanks to the young man working late at the only open gas station we could find this side of Seminole for letting us loiter in front of his no loitering sign, drinking horrible but most importantly hot vaguely coffee like liquid and stomping our feet trying to wake them. And to the nice couple in the lovely ’78 pickup, no, it didn’t get any warmer, but it doesn’t get much colder either when you’re already numb.

Read more about the Talimena National Scenic Byway here.






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