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A day late…

Everything seems to run a day or so behind the last couple of months, right up to this, a two year anniversary post posted a day late.

Two years ago (ish), Dharma Anchor went from my gray matter into existence. I mentioned this anniversary to Josh a few days ago and he stopped, “Really? Wow. It seems like it just started.” Time flies, especially when you are putting down the miles required and the hours involved for an undertaking like this travelog. Even looking back for my favorites to link in this post, there are too many to choose from, I enjoyed them all. It is amazing to see what can happen in a year.

Even in the course of the last two months, so much has changed, both “good” and “bad” to apply the simpleton terminology. This year, but most especially the last couple of months, have been rife with personal loss through massive life changes and tragic losses. Yet on the flip side of the coin, especially again in the last couple of months, so many opportunities and changes have occurred on the foundation we’ve worked hard to build. Even in the aftermath of the losses and changes there is extensive growth. It is near overwhelming. If nothing else, the last couple of months have pushed my already nearly nonexistent time management skills to the precipice and right over the edge, leaving me a day late (at least) on every task and in the unenviable position of only being able to pick one daily priority while leaving the other pokers to sizzle in the fire. As frustrating as the overwhelm could be, within the next two months I am very proud to say a few projects will reach beyond the initial phases and move into the growth and promotion phases you will no doubt read about here. And as the days of being a day behind dwindle, thousands more miles are already in the works for this, the first of Dharma Anchor’s third year.

For now, here are a few links to some of my favorites from the last year:









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4 thoughts on “A day late…

  1. Experimental Ghost on said:

    Time is relative. Just remember to take some for yourself.

  2. Ah. Soon never comes soon enough, and someday never comes. If one wants something to happen, one must make it a priority and take action on it. Taking time for oneself is no different than any other endeavor, however, the rewards of doing so make all other experiences much more satisfying.

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