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Three hundred and sixty five days.

0MovepostOne year. Three hundred and sixty five days. I have no idea how many hours, I didn’t memorize everything I was taught in school. I suppose I could google it, but I’d rather do the math. I prefer a challenge, what can I say.

And over the last year, this blog has often been a good deal more of a challenge than I expected. The accountability I started it to gain has been the greatest challenge, meeting deadlines, preparing materials when I do not feel like it, finally doing the things I’ve planned without procrastination, building something from a spark. More a challenge than anything were the times when I had zero desire to shoot photographs, forcing photos that, let’s be honest, were awful because I had to for a post when all I wanted to do was ride, not shoot. But through that challenge I’m learning to find focus in those times without focus, these days often producing from a crop of my worst photographs one of my best, founded in pure gumption. Much pleased with that challenge and all it fostered, I am happy with what Dharma Anchor has become and the potential for growth that only seems to increase with each post. It has done exactly what it was intended to do and then some, now breathing life of its own, no longer shoving but rather guiding.

ada3postAnd fall is returning, as of a couple of weeks ago the shadows are long even at noon, the days are shorter and shorter, the air is crisp and the almanac says a cold winter is coming. I haven’t halved a persimmon yet, but that seems about right. The wind howls at the window, such a foreboding sound, winter is bringing many changes and so much is dying to make way for the new. But just like a year ago, in spite of  hardships there is an aura of possibility in the air, more growth having fallen into our laps, more possibilities, more opportunity. And again like last year, chapters are rapidly closing with each new opportunity, but this year the opportunity is more dramatic in its arrival and the doors are slamming closed without goodbyes behind us. Autumn is hard sometimes, no matter what the yoga pants girls with the pumpkin spice latte mocha chino drinks say. (Is that a real drink?)

And in keeping with my learning to focus theme this year, I did not get on the bike (yet) today in spite of the amazing cool weather. Instead, I’ve been focusing and preparing for all of winter’s change, taking advantage of the cool to organize my nightmare garage, tune up my truck, finish cutting back herbs for the final time this year and pulling the last summer plants from the garden, setting up an entirely new computer system to replace the one officially dead and the other outdated, all exciting and tedious at once. The bike is very tempting.


I considered a planned, involved post for the anniversary, but because this year, especially these last few months, have been about finding focus when there is none readily, about centering in the chaotic, about appreciating all the great growth in the last three hundred and sixty five days and then some, I’ve decided instead to repost some of my favorite photographs and posts from the last year. Here is to the next three hundred and sixty five days, to more aspirations accomplished, goals meet and beat, more dreams come true, and dharma anchored.

Click on any of the photographs in this post to see the original entry in which they were posted.


Ghost towns: Texola OK


Drive In: The 51 Drive In


American tradition. (Clinton OK Route 66 Museum)


Drive In: The Winchester


Drive In: The Beacon


Drive In. (Teepee Drive In, Route 66)


Weekend Ramblin’ VIII: Holy City of the Wichitas


Weekend Ramblin’ IV: Wichita Mountains


A castle. (Turner Falls OK)


Images from Sixty-Six.


Weekend Ramblin’ II: High plains


Snake hunt.


About a tree. (The Oklahoma City National Memorial)


Feats of skill.


Territorial. (Guthrie OK)


Weekend Ramblin’ I: Talimena Scenic Bypass


Eureka! (Eureka Springs, AR)


Signs of the times, Part I. (Route 66)


Images from sixty-six.


The Mother Road & a Gas Station. (Seaba Motorcyle Museum)


Soda shop. (Route 66 & Pops)


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4 thoughts on “Three hundred and sixty five days.

  1. A year, how times passes!!! Congrats and best wishes for more years to come.

  2. Having just seen your previous post, I was happy to see that the first one you posted here was my favorite from the last post. I’ve had fun with images taken through the mirrors 🙂
    Congrats on one year! I do look forward to spending this next year with you 🙂
    Today I neglected my own chores and went out on a 160 mile, slightly rainy / misty ride with friends. Good for you for staying focused!! I should have been!

    • I’m excited to see your posts too! I love cloudy day rides, even if its a little misty. So fun. It was gorgeous here, I should’ve taken advantage, but the last couple of weeks have been slammed and we needed to catch up in the worst way. Moving the bikes around it sure was tempting to split for awhile though. 🙂

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